Daisy, James, and Elliot are dead. 

Due to the unknown reasons, each of them were unable to move on to their final resting place. Instead, they got stuck along the way in the world of Nowhere, a place that exists to help those who can not move on find their way. 

The sole resident of Nowhere is Ghoul, a being whose task is help the travelers that enter find their way out. Ghoul is a single entity that takes on a different form to match the traits of each traveler he encounters.
For Daisy- who needs a protector- he mimics the form of a dog.
For James- who needs laughter and fun- he mimics the form of a whale.
And for Elliot- who is the most troubled of all three and needs the most guidance- he mimics the form of a bat.

Ghoul has resided in Nowhere since humans first existed. He has helped innumerable souls travel in and out of the world and although he is never truly alone, Ghoul is a being of great loneliness. He is the sole resident of a world that is filled with at least a hundred souls at one time- but they are never there for long. 

So, Ghoul has decided to cease completely his job. 

He closes the gates that allow travelers into Nowhere, leaving him with three children souls as his companions. But, the trick with Nowhere is even without his help the world is designed to help the souls move on. So, he must sabotage any memory the three children begin to make. 

He stops Daisy from dreaming of her home, he destroys the toys that James creates to play with, and Elliot’s restless questioning nature is constantly being lead astray.  He does all this not out of wickedness, but because he wishes to have companions that will stay to cure his aching loneliness.