Ghoul is a being of great loneliness. He is the sole resident of a world that is filled with at least a hundred souls at one time, but they are never there for long. 
So, Ghoul decides to quit his job. 
He closes the gates that allow souls into Nowhere leaving him with three children as his companions. He must sabotage any memory they begin to make in order for them to stay with him forever.

He stops Daisy from dreaming of her home. 
He destroys the toys that James creates to play with.
He leads Elliot astray at any moment he gets.  

He does not do this out of wickedness, but because he wishes to have companions that will stay. 

Roux is a seven year old kid that decided to make up his ownconstellations. He keeps his stories in a field guide, ‘Roux’s Book of Stars’. The book is a combination of the characters imagination, his storytelling, and his drawings.

Roux exists in a world of imagination and nostaligia. He does not interact with digital technology because his world is built around one of creation. Everything he does comes from his own head. Roux’s character is both an example of a kid benefitting from storytelling and showing others how its done- his book is an example of just how easy it is to go out and create from your imagination.