Hi friend! I’m Roux and this is my journal! I made up all these constellations. I’m seven years old and I live with my mamma, dad, and two big brothers.

My mamma used to point at the stars and tell me stories about them when I was younger, so I decided to make up my own. I think fillin up the sky with my favorite things seems better than someone else’s, so I made this book to keep track of them.

But the most important thing I bring is my telescope! I got it for my birthday and if I didn’t have it I’d never be able to see the stars up close. I take it anywhere I can!

You can read my stories now, if you want! I hope you like them, I worked real hard!


Roux's Book of Stars is my year long thesis project started in September 2016.

The book is about a boy named Roux that decides to make up his own constellations. He keeps his stories in a field guide called ‘Roux’s Book of Stars’. It is a combination of the character's imagination, his storytelling, his drawings, and photography of him. It's focus is to inspire imagination and creative storytelling for children ages 7-9. His stories are all based off his every day experiences as a seven year old - the raccoons in his backyard, his shiny trumpet, his favorite bowl of spaghetti, a nightmare, a willow tree, a sneaky coyote, his best friend, and himself. At the end Roux welcomes the reader to start their own constellations and teaches them just how easy it is to do so!

When Roux isn't out in the woods looking at the stars, he's inside safe under his blanket fort writing his stories. Roux's book was presented there, immersing you into his character.